Jigs and Joints: design concepts, materials, and making

Aim: To explore the relation between design, materials, and making.

The task:

·     Choose three buildings which you greatly admire and which have a size and function which is close to the building we are designing for Tianjin University Campus. A service buildings with toilets; a nice place for students to be in.
· Present your three buildings and details for a group discussion, and chose the most promising one to develop.
·     Choose a detail which embodies and reinforces the design qualities of the building.
·     Make a 3D model of the detail, in Rhino, Sketchup, or other 3D app.
·     present the architect, the building, and the detail.
·     Build a jig that ensures precision and repeatability in the construction of the detail.
·     Build the chosen detail at 1:1
·     Hand in the report, the detail and the jig.

Christian Hermansen

Adrià Vives Rey, Arina Perevedentseva, Bàrbara Ferrer Rosselló, Blanca Mas Villaronga, Evelien Van den Bruel, Hanne Lisa Måløy, Marta Mayoral