In Balance: Climate-Responsive and Carbon-Neutral Architecture at Svalbard

This spring semester concludes the master studio series of In Balance: Climate-Responsive and Carbon-Neutral Architecture at Svalbard. In Longyearbyen, the focus has recently shifted from the topic of climate change and the negative consequences of our way of life, to behavioral changeand the positive outcome of actions taken. To diminish our footprint in this vulnerable landscape, the local government has set out for Longyearbyen to become one of the first circular societies in the world!

Through an interdisciplinary approach, this studio has provided the students with insight to a complex task. The first part of the semester was a 1:1 building workshop where the students built recycled wood elements in Oslo. They then used their acquired knowledge building a public sauna on site in Longyearbyen. The main design task has been to establish a material re-cycling facility. The materials comes from existing buildings in Svalbard that are decided demolished.


Tine Hegli, Sissil Morseth Gromholt, Moritz Groba, Arnkell Jonas Petersen, Kristian Edwards, Thomas Kringlebotn Thiis, Anne Sigrid Nordby, David Toften, Sigurd Ellingsen Tengs

External censors:

Ingvild Sæbu Vatn, Catriona Shine


Amanda Sophie Holst, Ingrid Hove Viljoen, Olav Bog Vikane, Anna Linn Emilie Domeij Karlsson, Jesper Fjellberg Magerøy, Thomas Larsen, Søren Ruud Dingstad, Torunn, Marie Eriksen, Christian Eidsmo, Iga Maselkowska, Tor Anders Sudmeyer, Maria Johnsen, Vidar Andre Klavenes, Una Nadarevic, Tina Løhre Ranøyen, Erik Sebastian Bird