Architectural Detailing

The “Architectural Detailing” elective provide a structure for understanding architectural detailing in terms of technical, structural and aesthetic considerations in combination with aspects of material, scale, thermal condition, architectural concept and construction logic.

The seminar gives a framework for why elements are put together as they are – how climatic considerations are solved together with architectural aims and ideas. We have looked at historical references to the making of architectural details and its current status in today’s building industry. Architectural detailing is a subject within the field of architecture, where details give us knowledge of interventions and principals for constructing the built environment


Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen, Ingvild Hodnekvam

Anders Granli

Jan-Kenneth Tecson Andersen, Olav Andersen, Andreas Bakkebø, Iris Cook Botnmar, Ingrid Petersen Dale, Søren Ruud Dingstad, Åsmund Iva Fallet, Oda Østerås Lobbe, Jørn Ludvigsen, Thea Platou, Kim Pløhn, Peder Ravneng, Anna Ribera Tor, Silje, Breistein Svarstad, Daniel Todorov Tenev