UNIVERSALS IX: Civic Theater

The ninth iteration of Universals was concerned with the relationship of theatricality and architecture through the design of a mid-sized building in Norway focusing on how theatricality can foster a civic imagination in architecture that is both direct and rational.

We began with a study of the national romantic modernism of the office Bjercke & Eliassen (1914-1960). The work of Bjercke & Eliassen may provide new insights into our search for universal qualities in architecture, in their wish to communicate collective ideas, in the gravitas, and the refined ambiguity in their work.

The design of a theatrical space has brought to the forefront a discussion about the relationship of form and content. What is an architecture that can absorb a wide array of changes and new imaginaries? The studio was also emphasising the theatrics and choreography of construction, thinking of building as a process which holds the potential to carry meaning.

Espen Vatn, Hanna Birkeland Bergh

Jonathan Sergison, David Turnbull, Neven Fuchs, ASLLTK, Joana De La Fontaine and Jonas Løland

Karina Tang, Daniel Larsen, Kim Pløhn, Trym Tafjord Langeggen, Anna Tor, Helene Ellefsen, Christopher Caleb Hansen, August Fossmark, Ahmet Cam, Amalie Heirsaunet, Anais De Massey