Speculative Ideation_Hand Drawing as Explorative Medium in Architecture

As always, my ambition for Speculative Ideation was that the students would successfully pursue and explore a theme based on their particular “wants” and “needs”. And although practice taught them to break down lofty ambitions into more focused and manageable objectives, I believe that the lesson learnt was that drawing is not merely the translation of a preconceived mental image. I believe that when trying to sort things out the pursuit of meaning is guided by the act itself. And when in the making, one invents on the go, oscillating between problem-solving and problem-finding.

Thank you all for your efforts in these times.

Carsten Loly

Emilie Winther Berg, Julie Elise Bølstad, Helene Marnburg Ellefsen, Lene Utklev Gaupen, Chen He, Hannah Høygaard Molden, Marine Pavageau, Helle Brænd Rabbås, Marte Rennemo, Carl Daniel Romm, Lars Paul Schriever, Elisabeth Skavik, Max Armas Tomren, Emanuel Verde