Re-Store: Folkemuseet

The Re-Store: Folkemuseet Studio has worked with the assessment, transformation, and reuse of the vernacular architecture of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History at Bygdøy, Oslo. The museum was conceived as an interface between the industrial worker of the city and rural customs. The studio used the open-air museum to explore the preservation of historic architecture as a political act, with the aim of instilling a critical appreciation for the enduring benefits and limitations of vernacular construction beyond the pastiche. Through the insertion of highly bespoke pieces of architecture, the students have been actively working with existing development plans to enhance the curatorial and spatial organisation of the museum.

Amandine Kastler, Erlend Skjeseth, Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen
Sensor: Taneli Mansikkamäki

Loes Bruins Slot, Marius Falkenberg Erikstad, Åsmund Iva Fallet, Oda Østerås Lobbe, Alena Rieger, Julian Riise, Lars Schriever, Maria Skarvatun, Viola Star, Ingvild Høystad Stavem, Silje Breistein Svarstad