Plan - Drawing in Architecture

Studio R&T is working with a new book on architecture of  Sverre Fehn. Each of some sixty presented projects will be shown with redrawn plans, sections and elevations ,together with a detail, characteristic for the project. The hand-drawn drawings of Fehn possess classical quality. They are means to discover universal truth, by taking the measure of things, tracing their proportions, geometry, constructive logic and formulating the rules they are ruled by, in order to bring his architecture close to order of the universe. At the same time, they represent very contemporary organization of spatial experiences of everyday life in an imaginative way. Through discussions, students were encouraged to translate the qualities inherent in Fehn’s architecture into computer drawings.

Teachers: Neven Fuchs, Aleksandra Ognjanov, Giacomo Pelizzari

Students: Ahmet Çam, August Kraft Fossmark, Dennis Looby, Emilie Swanstrøm, Marte Kramer Riseng, Mingming Zhan, Silje Mari Skarheim