Positions: Co-existence

Learning from the city of Venice and inspired by its extraordinary historical and
architectural complexity - including its cultural, sociological and economical
history and building tradition - the task for the spring semester 2020 is to develop astructure that critically discusses coexistence with a particular focus on

Studio Positions provides an arena for students to concentrate and develop
their own position in relation to architecture, inspiring them to delve into the social
and cultural challenges that mark our time, and reflect on how these challenges
have influenced our relationship to architectural space and how we use it.

Lisbeth Funck, Matthew Anderson

Iris Cook Botnmark, Eirik Spånem Eliassen, Arnar Gretarsson, Johanne Michelsen Hoffmann, Veronica Kavochi Idland Kadasia, Camille Laniece, Frida Mcintosh, Nhat Kha Danny Nguyen, Stian Opsal, Helle Brænd Rabbås, Vegard Dyrhol Riise, Noah Silver, Eirik Mikael Skogli, Mingming Zhang