The spring semester 2020 at AHO suddenly took a radical change on the 12th of March. Among the smallest of organisms, the corona-virus made global changes and effected macro-structures and our societies. In a few days, we all saw the consequences of the pandemic and how it influenced our relations, our social life, our economy and our way of working.

Our whole school, including the Institute of Architecture, was locked down and all parts of our staff were working with high intensity to solve new ways for keeping up the teaching. In a few days, the educational program was transformed into a digital learning space with students and supervisors working from their homes. The huge scale of consequences came as a surprise to us all and the need for improvisation was absolute. It was in this moment impressive to see how quick decisions were made and how the leadership, administration, technical staff, teachers, students and PhD-candidates showed a progressive attitude towards the situation and found solutions to a wide range of problems.

AHOs traditional semester exhibition; AHO WORKS was cancelled this A due to corona. On that background, all the Institutes was invited to make different kinds of projects to exhibit the Institute's work. It is hereby a pleasure to present this spring 2020 web-exhibition page by the Institute of Architecture at AHO. I will congratulate our wide range of excellent and dedicated teachers and students for fantastic work and good spirit in a very special and difficult semester.

The corona situation has given us all new and valuable experiences where this web-exhibition is one example. For the first time, it’s now possible to view our semester-production together, displayed in a collective context in one singular web-exhibition. This is a new milestone for the Institute. As the head of the institute I find the web-project as a fabulous opportunity for internal discussion of our total production, but also as an opportunity to reach out and show the positive variety and richness of skills and knowledge represented among our excellent teachers and students.

Personally, I would like to thank all of you, teachers and students, for every contribution. You have propelled the Institute trough the situation and taken the Institute, and thereby AHO, forward trough the corona situation.

Special thanks to Aleksandra Ognjanov, Giacomo Pelizzari and Hanna Birkeland Bergh, for producing this web-exhibition for the Institute.

Thank You All, You Managed!

Professor Espen Surnevik
Head of Institute of Architecture – The Oslo School of Architecture and Design