Body and Space Morphologies : Catharsis IV - Acting and the Collective IV

The Corona Lockdown made us miss our studio badly, the strength and comfort of a shared workspace, yet it also showed that an acting with the necessities of everyday life can make The Collective almost no matter what. As a shared experience, our studio re-invented itself online through the surplus of the creative act that is voicing, dealing with, escaping from, or dreaming, something, forth.

Rolf Gerstlauer & Julie Valentine Dind & Anders Eik Pilskok & Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy & Wenkai Xu

Per Carlsen, Chensi Chen, Frank Hesmyr Falander, Fabian Langerud Granhaugen, Cecilia Monteverde Haakonsen, Chen He, Thomas Temesgen Hellstenius, Johan Bendik Hessner Hille, Anders Krogh, Tor Christian Meling, Aurora Kollerud Nossen, Pål Luis Sanchez-Paredes, Olve Aaberge Sande, Sindre Bjerkeng Scherjon, Aleksandra Petrine Schnell, Madeleine Benedicte Simoons, Anne Sofie Solberg, Ole Thomas Steinde, Noah Stutchbury, Anne Margrethe Sørseth, Daniel Todorov Tenev, Emanuel Verde, Dina Petersen Watten, Siri Beate Lindberg Wælgaard