An Architectural Proposal

Architectural Space as a Personal Message

Architects typically respond to requests from others; they solve problems and fulfill the wishes addressed to them. In this studio we want to change the perspective; we want to start with our own visions and goals or problems. Participants are invited to find out what they would like to see realized or changed in their personal or societal world. The aim of the semester is to produce an authentic personal concept of space that is nevertheless readable by others and has a certain universal relevance. To achieve this we would go through three phases. I ask the students to develop a strong personal position in order to stimulate their intrinsic motivation and authentic architectural development.

Teachers: Neven Fuchs, Pascal Flammer, Aleksandra Ognjanov, Chris Engh, Giacomo Pelizzari

Guests: Liu Yichun, Cecilia Puga, Mathanki Kalapathy, Shen Wen, Shiyun Sun

Students: Aleksandra Bašic, Amalie Nævisdal Tønnesen, Anna Maria Elisabet Forslöw, Emilie Swanstrøm, Jens Henrik Johnsen, Marte Kramer Riseng, Oreste Gustave Kamanzi, Silje Charlotte Damhaug, Silje Mari Skarheim, Siri Merete Birkeland, Stine Mari Olsen Gallefoss, Ted Wikborg Wiese