ACDL - Architectural design, computation & time: SPACE

The main task for this semester was to design a bathing facility, a sanctuary for peace and contemplation, that allows for a range of different physical and atmospheric experiences informed by water in relation to space.  It should be able to accommodate 300 guests at once, while at the same time allowing the individual visitor to enjoy the bath at their own speed, with a sense of serenity and privacy.

Students investigated different ways of achieving this by curating the spatial experience, sequencing of spaces, circulation layout, play of light and shadow, differences in temperature and humidity, acoustics, materiality and the different states of water.  The footprint area for the facility was limited to half the size of the required program, encouraging  students to engage the vertical compared to the traditional horizontal layout of baths.

The site is at Kongshavn, centrally located by the fjord in an area with a strong industrial character. 

There is a long term vision to transform this area to a housing area with a promenade and public and commercial functions, however this lies quite far into the future, and the bath needs to be able to coexist with the heavy and noisy industrial activities surrounding the plot for years to come.

Søren S. Sørensen, Sofia Cunha, Jan Markus Ludwig and Sophia Keivanlo

Marianne Sætre

Jan-Kenneth Andersen , Maria Babkina, Emilie Winther Berg, Julie Elise Bølstad, Poppy Van Dijk, Benjamin Fjerdingstad, Yichen Fu, Hans Eivind Hajem, Sana Ibrahim, Ann Sophie Megerle, Lars Holden Nicolaysen, Frida Nilsen, Roberta Santambrogio, Philippe Schneider, Zana Shabanaj